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Boxing Interview With Clinton Woods

By Rhun Leeding courtesy www.frankmaloney.com

Make A Serious Boxing Offer, Frank

After a protracted discussion in the media between Clinton Woods and Joe Calzaghe and their respective entourages, Woods believes a win in his upcoming fight would force promoter Frank Warren to make a serious offer for the fight. With Frank Warren being quoted as saying that a fight between Glencoffe Johnson and Calzaghe being “agreed in principle”, Woods believes he will throw a serious spanner in the works by defeating Johnson.

In a story on www.fightnews.com, Warren was quoted as saying: “If Joe is successful in this bout (14 October), and Glen Johnson defeats Clinton Woods on September 2nd in the UK, then they will both fight for the IBF light-heavyweight title early in 2007. That deal has been agreed in principle for the winners of both fights coming up and represents a great incentive to both of them.”

Clinton Woods (39-3-1) is confident, however, that this third fight between himself and Johnson will not give Warren the pre-arranged fight between Johnson and Calzaghe, that has so often been on the cards, but has never materialized.

Clinton said: “A lot of reporters have been asking me about a possible fight between me and Joe, and I don’t really want to talk too much about it as it is all down to the promoters really. My mind is only on beating Glencoffe, that is the focus for me.

“If it was just down to the fighters, then I’m sure that it could be made tomorrow. I know I want the fight and I’m sure that Joe wants it, so if it was down to us it could be made easily.

“It really is all about the promoters, and if Frank Warren does come to us wanting to make the fight, then he is going to have to make a serious offer, because I will be the champion and we would be fighting for my belt, so it would be up to Frank to make us a serious offer”

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