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Sandman Boxing: Latimore Wants Top Names After Spinks Fight

Back in Las Vegas following his junior middleweight showdown with Cory Spinks this past Saturday night, Deandre Latimore has had a couple of days to review tapes of the battle and has one conclusion.

“Of course I won the fight, I wanted to see the tape and judge it for myself," he said. "I think Cory won five rounds, I’ll give him those, but I knocked him down in the first and won the other six rounds”. Official scores were 115-112, 114-113 for Spinks and 115-112 for Latimore.

Taking 12 stitches to close a cut over his left eye, St. Louis native Latimore is looking more towards his next fight than his last.

“There is some upside to the Spinks fight, although I hated waiting ten months to fight and I disagree with the decision," he said.

"Cory’s a four time world champion and I know that I’m on his level so that gives me added confidence. The Showtime folks told me they’ll have me back when I’m ready and the folks in St. Louis got a chance to see a great fight.

“He’s not going to give me a rematch, so we’ll just move on. There’s a lot of talent at 154 and I want to fight against any of the top guys. And I’m not waiting ten months to do it; I plan to be back in three months.”

Said Jerry Giuliano of Sandman Boxing Management LLC, manager of Latimore, “I feel very strongly we won the fight, it always amazes me how three judges can see the fight differently so often. Deandre took Cory’s best shots, we cut him with a punch, he cut us with a head butt.

“Deandre proved to the boxing world that he truly is a force in the division and will be a future champion. He has power and good endurance and we will learn much from this fight that we will build on for future contests. He is a fighter with a huge amount of heart and talent.”

About Latimore’s future plans, Giuliano said, “Showtime loved him so we’ll look to get him back on Shobox as soon as possible. No more of this ten months between fights for Deandre.”

A replay of the Spinks vs. Latimore fight will be broadcast on Showtime 2 on 10pm EST on Thursday, April 30.

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