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Arena Boxing: Team Solis Hits Germany

Cuban heavyweight sensation Odlanier Solis arrived in Cologne, Germany, Monday morning for tomorrow’s press conference for his March 19th showdown against WBC world champion Vitali Klitschko.

"It’s time for a new chapter in heavyweight history“, says promoter Ahmet Oner. "Solis will end the Klitschko era and start his own legacy.“

For their project world championship team Solis started training right away. Regardless of the transatlantic flight Solis and former Cuban national coach Pedro Luis Diaz Benitez already did two training session yesterday at MayLife Boxing Club.

It was also the reunion of former Olympic gold medalist when Solis who won heavyweight gold in Athens 2004 met gym owner Torsten May, a 1992 light heavyweight Olympic champion. May has also known Pedro Diaz for a long time from several amateur training camps in Cuba.

"I regret that my Spanish isn’t better“, stated May who would have loved to chat more about the old times. "It really impresses me how hard these guys work – especially after their long trip from Miami to Germany“, added May. "On the other hand I know very well that Cubans just are like that. They are brought up that way and used to train very hard.“

After 60 minutes of roadwork Solis did another 90 minute session at about 4pm. After a short dinner break Pedro Diaz brought "La Sombra“ back to the gym at 11pm to push weights.

"We certainly haven’t come to Germany for vacation“, says Diaz. "We are preparing for a world title fight. This is our big chance and we will take it. We are very serious with this. There is no messing around with our training schedule. Flying from Miami to Germany is no excuse to skip a session.“

Last night the Klitschko management and the camp of former light heavyweight and cruiserweight champion Tomasz Adamek confirmed that they have agreed on a title fight for September in Poland. Word is that Adamek’s opponent will most likely be Wladimir Klitschko while Vitali is also an opportunity to take on the Polish national hero.

"This is just another example for the Klitschko’s arrogance and the main reason why I despise them“, says Ahmet Oner. "Both Klitschkos have world title fights coming up and it’s a long, looooooong time until September. How can they make a deal that assumes that there are still world champions at that time?

"At best this is extremely disrespectful and bad style. I wonder what Dereck Chisora thinks about his opponent making deals to defend his titles against Adamek when he’s the challenger. How do they want to explain to anybody that Wladimir is taking Chisora serious? Why should anybody watch that fight? It’s ridiculous.“

Oner has his own theory regarding the Adamek fight. "Honestly, I think Adamek will fight Solis in September in Poland – or at least they will have to negotiate with us about it. Because after Solis’ knocks out Vitali on March 19th and ends his career, we all can imagine what will happen: Little brother Wladimir will try to take revenge for his brother – and then Solis will beat Wladimir as well.

"So as far as I am concerned Adamek can either fight any of the Klitschkos in September or fight for a world title. But we will certainly not start negotiations with him because we don’t count our chickens before they hatch."

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