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Gennady Golovkin vs. Floyd Mayweather Jr. At 154?

Recently, Gennady Golovkin revealed to the media that his biggest dream is to fight Floyd Mayweather Jr. at 154 pounds before the best pound-for-pound fighter retires.

Golovkin took some time off from training and spoke with some members of the media a few days following the most anticipated fight in boxing history.

To the mass population, the recent fight between Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao seemed lackluster but not to Golovkin, who is clearly a fan of technical skills but more importantly, he is ready to face fighters which he considers the best.

This dream to fight Mayweather may seem like a long shot but once he takes care of his upcoming opponent, Willie Monroe Jr., Golovkin is free to face any fighter.

Whether or not Mayweather agrees to face Golovkin is another issue. It would be wondrous if Mayweather's camp would allow him to face such a dangerous opponent.

The fighter from Kazakhstan is regarded by most boxing fans as the reincarnation of Mike Tyson in the middleweight division because of his proficiency to knock out his opponents.

In his 56 professional fights, Tyson was able to knock out 44 fighters; whereas Golovkin has knocked out 29 of the 32 opponents he has faced thus far. Unlike Tyson, who was a pure brawler, Golovkin has technique and power.

Another diferentiating factor is that Golovkin has proven to be a gentlemen inside and outside the ring. These traits make Golovkin a very likable fighter and a perfect hero to setup a great pay-per-view fight against the sometimes vilified Mayweather, who has reportedly stated there will be no re-match with Pacquiao.

You can catch the next Gennady Golovkin fight on May 16, 2015 from California, USA.

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