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Adam Ismail Vs Andy Colquhoun Ringside Boxing

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It was an all-action Mersey battle Friday night at the packed Robin Park Centre, Wigan, as Liverpool boxers - Adam Ismail and Andy Colquhoun - fought for the Central Area Welterweight Title that Ismail won in a rematch with Sean Lewis in December.

This was a bloody battle with both men cut around the eyes. A thrilling contest which Referee Steve Grey scored a draw 96-96

The eleven-bout show hosted by Steve Wood – VIP Promotions was a cracking night of action and great for the (mostly standing) noisy and supportive crowd in attendance.

Results as follows:

Adam Ismail (Liverpool) v Andy Colquhoun (Liverpool)
10 x 3 BBBofC Central Area Welterweight Title

Ismail looked focused and confident while Colquhoun seemed to switch off after the first couple of rounds, though he did sustain a nasty cut to the left brow in round three which may have affected his focus. Ismail boxed well but also sustained a cut to the left brow.

In the sixth round, Colquhoun (aka ‘Chico’) catches Ismail more than once and he is forced to hold on. He had recovered in the seventh and both men are tiring. Chico seems to tire a lot more, he was waiting too much and seemed to be switching off. He doesn’t move his head much in the eighth round and looks tired but he still catches Ismail right on the bell. Ismail’s forehead has a small swelling in the last three rounds. Chico looks sapped of energy.

It was an exciting contest with bags of support for both men. The result being a draw 96-96

Steve Brogan (Skelmersdale) v Henry Janes (Cardiff)
6 x 3 Super-Lightweight Contest

This was an exciting, thrilling contest with lots of noise and excitement from the crowd. Both men found success with head and body shots but Brogan was holding quite a bit.

Both men’s gloves were raised by Referee Steve Grey, deeming the fight a draw 57-57

Matty Fagan (Ellesmere Port) v Ross Jameson (Middlesbrough)
6 x 3 Welterweight Contest

A good match-up between these two with Jameson gaining confidence as the fight progressed. It was a good round five for the Middlesbrough man, but Fagan gets the win on points 59-55

Ashley Peyton (Atherton) v Fonz Alexander (Newark)
6 x 3 Super-Lightweight Contest

Peyton used a variety of shots to secure the points’ win against Alexander 60-54

Dale Coyne (Ancoats) v Jason Ball (Doncaster)
4 x 3 Light-Heavyweight Contest

The bell signals the end of the fourth and Ball’s corner jump in the ring – believing it to be the end of the fight, but Referee Steve Grey tells them it is a six-rounder. Coyne is expecting a four rounder, Ball has paced himself for four. They agree to end as a four round contest and Coyne wins on points 40-36

Colin Day (Debut) (Skelmersdale) v Kristian Laight (Nuneaton)
4 x 3 Super-Lightweight Contest

Debutant Day pumped out the left jab continuously to keep experienced Laight at bay. His punches didn’t appear to be heavy but he kept busy with the jab and had a good last round to notch up his first pro victory on points 40-36

(Craig) C.L.Johnson (Kirkby) v Dean Evans (Hereford)
4 x 3 Lightweight Contest

For me, Johnson is one of those boxers who is good to watch in the ring…..some nice boxing from the Kirkby man.

Johnson gets the win on points 40-36

Danny Wright (Failsworth) v Nathan Hardy (Sheffield)
4 x 3 Welterweight Contest

A difficult fight to photograph! Wright continuously stalked Hardy at pace, clockwise round the ropes. Team Hardy tell their charge to move to the right to break the momentum of 'the Wolf’. A fast and busy contest with Wright winning on points 40-36

Mike Stafford (Southport) v Dmitrij Kalinovskij (Klaipeda, Lithuania)
4 x 3 Cruiserweight Contest

Stafford wins on points 40-37 (shared last round)

Ian Halsall (St.Helens) v Craig Derbyshire (Bentley)
4 x 3 Featherweight Contest

Derbyshire got off to a great start against Halsall and continued to look the busier of the two men. Halsall sustained a cut to the right eye brow in the second half of the contest. At the end of the contest, Derbyshire dropped to the canvas to do a few push-ups! But Team Derbyshire were noticeably disgusted when both men’s gloves were raised by Referee Steve Grey. The result a draw, 38-38.

Anthony Smith (Liverpool) v Sergey Tasimov (Narva, Estonia)
4 x 3 Flyweight Contest

Tasimov lunges forward with shots. Smith, aka ‘Twinny’, clips him on the chin midway through round three and his knees dip but he sees it out to the end of the round.

Smith wins on points 40-37

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