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Leigh Wood must fight Santa Cruz in his comeback – World Boxing Association

The World Boxing Association (WBA), through its championships committee in an extensive review of the feather division, decided that Leigh Wood must face Leo Santa Cruz in his return to the ring after his injury as part of the World Title Reduction Plan.

The WBA has requested Wood’s team to provide reports and examinations of his injury to be forwarded to the medical committee for an evaluation and a subsequent designation of an estimated date for the champion’s return.

Wood had been cleared for an optional defense following a joint permit between TGB Promotions and Matchroom Boxing that called for both he and Santa Cruz to make optional fights and face each other no more than 120 days after their bouts.

However, prior to his bout against Mauricio Lara, Wood suffered an injury to his biceps, which the WBA learned about through the press. To this date, the WBA has not received any reports from Wood and for that reason has requested them. 

The championships committee will not grant extra permission after this resolution that forces both champions to face each other in Wood’s return to determine the only 126 lbs. monarch.

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