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Ringside Boxing Report: Lanardo Tyner – Marteze Logan

Pain Served

In the headline fight of Donofrio Boxing's " Boxing Under the Stars" on Friday night at the Meadow Brook Music Festival in Rochester Hill, MI, light welterweight Lanardo "Pain Server" Tyner made good on his promise to impress when he stepped in the ring with seasoned veteran Marteze "Too Sweet" Logan.

 Pain Served Ringside Boxing Report: Lanardo Tyner   Marteze Logan
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Tyner set the tone early in the first round, blasting Logan with power shots to the body. "Too Sweet" seemed hurt by the middle of the round, grabbing onto "The Pain Server" and blitz rushing him into the ropes.

Tyner almost fell out of the ring and shortly after the referee separated the two, he knocked Logan down. Logan quickly recovered, but held for the remainder of the round.

In the second, Tyner continued working the body. Logan fought back with good combinations, but they seemed to have no effect. Tyner shouted for more before punishing Logan in the corner.

In the third, Lanardo caught Logan in the corner again, stunning him with a left uppercut followed by a straight right before chopping away at the body. Marteze tried to grab Tyner's legs to clench, but succeeded in pushing him down again, resulting in a point deduction. Tyner smiled, taking his time to get up and finished controlling the round, one punch at a time.

The Pain Server was slower in the fourth stanza but still maintained his commitment to the body. He caught Too Sweet with a good straight against the ropes but Logan seemed fresher, dancing around and throwing flurries. Too Sweet was trapped in his own corner before the bell.

Tyner feinted and caught Logan with a hard right at the beginning of the fifth, followed by a left to the body. Tyner trapped Logan in the corner again who holds on to get another break.

In the sixth, Tyner began the round looking fresher but slowed down towards the middle of the frame. Logan seemed content to just survive, running and holding.

Lanardo was in the lead and knew it by the seventh, but obviously remembering the need to impress. He pressed the action and caught Logan with a good left before relaxing. He hacks to Marteze's body again, and again Marteze held. The round ended with a thunderous left, which Logan partially blocked.

Answering the crowd's chanting of "Detroit, Detroit," the Pain Server began throwing his arms up, daring Logan to throw. Logan continued holding and the ref took another point. The round closes seconds after Tyner knocks Logan down again.

Logan fails to answer the bell for the ninth round and Tyner is declared the winner by TKO. It is only the third time that Logan has been stopped in his career.

With the win, Lanardo Tyner improves to 17-0 (10), while Marteze Logan drops to 25-30-2 (6). Logan, only 23 years old, has fought 57 professional contests since making his debut five years ago.

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