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A Championship Weekend For Boxing!

By Daxx Kahn March 29th, 2011 All Boxing Articles

I was just going over the weekend’s results for fight cards around the world and in doing so something occurred to me, this past weekend had an abundance of gold at stake!

Of course not every title bout was for “World” versions, also many titles were vacant but the bouts show an affect on our rating system and will set up major title fights down the road in the near future. It is not often we see so many different versions of gold ranging from regional minor, to world sanctioned belts being put up for grabs in such a short span of time.

This is telling us that boxing is making positive movements to help increase major caliber fight cards in terms of relevance happen instead of just being discussed as possibilities.

Friday March 25th:

Hanging Gardens, River Grove Illinois United States-

Joey Hernandez 18-1-1 defeated Angel Hernandez 30-10-2 via DQ 8 for the vacant USBO light middleweight title.

Osumanu Adama 19-2 defeated Marcus Upshaw 13-5-1 TKO4 for the vacant IBO inter-continental and USBA middleweight titles.

Doubletree Hotel Ontario California-

Efrain Esquivias 13-0 stopped John Albert Molina 28-16-3 by TKO3 for the vacant WBA Fedelatin super bantamweight title. More...

Boxing Spotlight: Taking On Tyson

By Daxx Kahn March 23rd, 2011 All Boxing Articles

One of the best and most addictive new reality shows?

I must admit I am not a big fan of reality television due to the over amount of under quality reality based series that seem to be popping up on the tube since about 2008.

On occasion though, there are some that I really enjoy such as “The First 48” because I find them to be more of what they are supposed to be “Reality” instead of staged incidents for audience attraction. When the series “Taking On Tyson” was advertised, I, considering my view on most reality series, was a bit unenthusiastic and my skeptic senses were in full effect. BOY WAS I WRONG!

Mike Tyson will be a draw no matter what he does; film him brushing his teeth and people will watch just because it is Tyson. If anything ,his famous past extreme antics keep people watching just to see if he will erupt.

The show that airs on Animal Planet is not one where we are likely to see any sort of the much anticipated scenes that has made people follow Tyson out of a ring just as they did when he fought in a ring. I know the show is set around Tyson and his love of pigeons and many people might think that is what this show is about, possibly turning them away from tuning in.

Pigeon racing is only the background for this series; in truth this is about people using an old time tradition originated some mid 19th century Belgium that became popular in inner cities like New York to actually better their lives. It is an outlet for better things than street lurking ,where inner city youth often get themselves into trouble.

Little known to people who have never taken an interest to learn about what entails in caring for these birds, is that partaking in the responsibility of owning a pigeon flock actually holds a tremendous amount of responsibility. The birds must be fed, cleaned up after, groomed for competition and checked on a regular basis, keeping them healthy.

In short, owning one of these flocks and caring for them is just shy of what effort being a parent can consist of, although on a different level. The old time hobby has taught many younger inner city youth there is more to life than a street corner and in words of many who have taken interest in pigeons, it saved them from personal downfall. More...

Exclusive Boxing Interview: Randy Caballero

By Daxx Kahn March 2nd, 2011 All Boxing Interviews

 Randy Caballero1 Exclusive Boxing Interview: Randy Caballero
© Dominic Serna Dominicserna.com

After a 49 second knockout victory in his pro debut on March 25Th 2010, Randy Caballero had hit the professional boxing scene with both feet running.

Six consecutive victories later, already has this young fighter from Coachella Valley, California will participate as Co-Main event on Telefutura's popular Solo Boxing series March 4Th 2011. Caballero will face his eighth opponent in less then twelve months, hoping to keep his undefeated streak alive.

The fact that a young fighter who has been professional less then a year is being granted such honors speaks volumes on his abilities, yet that is far from the most impressive accomplishment on his short pro resume.

Caballero is signed with one of boxing's biggest promotional companies, Golden Boy Promotions, putting him in the company of such great champions as Juan Manuel Marquez, Abner Mares and Marcos Maidana. Randy has also served as a sparring partner for Mares and Nonito Donaire, two of the sport's most regarded fighters under 135lbs.

It would seem from what has been written thus far that Randy has had a fairly easy time heading toward the fast track of success, yet the young man is no stranger to adversity.

After a long amateur career that started when Randy was just eight years old, he knew early on that boxing was his passion. Having over 170 amateur bouts, several national title wins and a visit to Turkey where he won a bronze medal representing the United States in the Junior Olympics, shortly afterward would Randy injure his hand while training one afternoon. More...

Exclusive Boxing Interview: Andy Lee

By Daxx Kahn January 25th, 2011 All Boxing Interviews

"Right now my concentration is on Craig McEwan!"

Middleweight Andy Lee is a fighter that makes people excited to talk about, with his punching power, fan friendly style, ever increasing improvement in each bout and easy going demeanor leaves no question on why that is.

So far Lee has done everything right, with the exception of a small stumble in 2008 when he admittedly overlooked Bryan Vera there has been little to make people doubt Lee can make it to the top of his craft.

When you look at those in the corner of Lee, especially Emanuel Steward, it adds to the certainty that when any future problems should arrive the experience is there to help make the adjustments needed before anything could happen to derail Andy’s progress.

Recently Lee was slated to face another popular Irish middleweight John Duddy; fans have talked about a showdown between the two fighters for years now as both men possess the all out offensive attacks that makes for an action packed bout. When Duddy suddenly announced his retirement without notice it not only ended the prospects of such a fan friendly bout but caught everyone, including Lee, by surprise.

Andy, not one to seemingly dwell on things career-wise, immediately did what was best for his progress and continued his plans to fight sooner then later, on March 12th Lee will face another upcoming middleweight the undefeated Craig McEwan at the Foxwoods resort and casino in Mashantucket, Connecticut. A win over McEwan will put Lee in line for one of the middleweight division’s title belts somewhere down the road.

SaddoBoxing was able to speak with Andy, who is currently training in Ireland and preparing to come to the United States to finish his camp. We discussed his progress thus far, the loss to Vera in 2008, his feelings on the Duddy bout not materializing, his maturing as a fighter and of course the upcoming bout with McEwan. Read it here exclusively on SaddoBoxing.

SaddoBoxing: I know you are back Home in Ireland right now and your schedule is busy, but how are things? Are you in preparation for your upcoming March bout with Craig McEwan?

Andy Lee: Yes I have been training, doing cardio, working hard on stamina, I will be going to Florida soon to work on my boxing, getting my sparring in but I am training hard to get ready for the bout. More...

Boxing Spotlight: Ray Robinson vs. Jake LaMotta VI

By Daxx Kahn January 20th, 2011 All Boxing Articles

It has long been one of boxing's most famous rivalries.

Before Muhammad Ali vs. Joe Frazier, Ray Leonard vs. Roberto Duran, Marco Antonio Barrera vs. Erik Morales, Arturo Gatti vs. Micky Ward and Rafael Marquez vs. Israel Vazquez, Sugar Ray Robinson and Jake LaMotta met in six brutal bouts that only those who have witnessed them can attest to the true magnitude these epic bouts brought to boxing.

Ray Robinson, the globally thought of best pound for pound fighter in history and Jake LaMotta. globally thought of as one of the sport's toughest fighters to ever lace on a pair of gloves, faced off an astonishing six times in nine years.

The first was a unanimous decision victory by Robinson on Oct 2nd 1942; the rematch on Feb 2nd 1943 had LaMotta winning by the same result, handing Robinson the first loss of his career, with the third bout of their epic series just three weeks later on Feb 26th 1943 it would once again be Robinson who was declared the victor.

After a short break, the pair faced off twice again in 1945 with both bouts again having Robinson declared the winner by unanimous decision. After five bouts between the two, with Jake coming ahead only once, most believed the rivalry was put to rest, behold though on Feb 14th 1951 the duo decided to meet for what would be the sixth and truly final time at the world famous Chicago Stadium.

This time, unlike the others both men were world champions, mind you this was when each division only had one world champion making the bout slightly more appealing due to the fact Robinson had already bested the Bronx native four of five times prior and without a title belt on the line excitement for this bout may not have been so high among the public’s radar.

This bout would also prove to be the most grueling of their half dozen, so grueling in fact it would later be dubbed “The St Valentines Day Massacre!”

As Robinson entered the ring wearing his traditional White and Black trunks, his body appeared a bit soft around the middle, many attributed this due to the fact Robinson was the current Welterweight Champion and had to pack on a few extra pounds for the bout. More...

Boxing Perspective: A Moment To Remember Those We Lost In 2010

By Daxx Kahn January 1st, 2011 All Boxing Articles

Every year's end is reserved for holiday celebrations that promote peace, good tidings, and tributes according to the religious belief’s one follows.

The New Year that ensues shortly afterwards begins with reflections of the years past and hopes for better ones to arrive in the future. This time of year is meant for people to think of others by showing them it is not what we have in a monetary sense but what is in our hearts that truly shows how much we care for them just as it lets us know how much we are cared for in the same manner.

What I have always found to be amusing about the holiday season is that it is only this time of year we seem to bring up our fondest memories to share with one another, almost as if they are locked away in a small little vault way in the back of our minds that relies on a time coded lock only opened from December 24th through January 1st and once relived they return into that vault for 12 more months.

Boxing is a sport that has no seasons, there are no limits on how many fights one can take part in, and if one is able the amount of championships that they can possess is almost limitless.

In short, boxing unlike our yearly reminisce amongst each other during the holidays of fond memories continues to produce moments that we as spectators will remember a lifetime all year long.

It takes more than just the champions to make our sport revolve; contenders, journeymen, promoters, referees, announcers and anyone in-between all play important roles in boxing. Each helps in one way or another to elevate our sport into something that surpasses everyday life allowing us the opportunity to share an extra memory or two with one another when the opportunity arises.

It why this time of year I make it a point to take one last moment to briefly mention those we lost in our boxing community over the years past before our new year begins, because according to our nature it may be a while before we relive amongst each other what those who sacrificed so much for during their careers left behind. More...

Boxing Result: Andre Ward Defeats Sakio Bika In WBC Title Defense

By Daxx Kahn November 28th, 2010 All Boxing Results

 Bika1 Boxing Result: Andre Ward Defeats Sakio Bika In WBC Title Defense
© Rich Hundley III / Showtime Boxing

In non Super Six action at the Oracle Arena in Oakland California, Andre Ward defended his WBA Super Middleweight belt against tough Sakio Bika, a fighter who has a reputation of being avoided due to his wild and rough fighting style.

Bika, who has had two prior opportunities to become a super middleweight world champion, once in May of 2006 when he faced Marcus Beyer for the WBC version in a bout that ended with a TD due to a cut under then champion Beyer’s eye in the fourth round.

Just five months later he was given the opportunity to claim the WBO/IBF versions of the belt when he met then divisional king Joe Calzaghe. In that bout, he gave Calzaghe all he could handle including some scares with his aggressive style but at the end of the night lost his bid against the Welsh Dragon by unanimous decision.

With new trainer Ronnie Shields in his corner for this bout, Bika stated prior to the fight he had never worked so hard to prepare for an opponent and this would be the last time you watched him as a “Challenger” because after the night's end he would be a defending champion.

It seemed to be the theme of the night with fighters having to do exactly what they would not on a normal basis when Ward and Bika squared off as Ward, like Arthur Abraham against Carl Froch earlier in the evening was subjected to a style he was not comfortable with. More...

Boxing Result: Carl Froch Handles Arthur Abraham With Ease

By Daxx Kahn November 28th, 2010 All Boxing Results

 Froch vs Abraham1 Boxing Result: Carl Froch Handles Arthur Abraham With Ease
© Tom Casino / Showtime Boxing

Last evening was another great night of fights among the 168lb elite. First up in Helsinki, Finland’s Hartwall Arena was Carl Froch facing Arthur Abraham in his quest to advance into the next round of the Showtime Super Six Tournament.

As an added bonus, the vacant WBC Super Middleweight title was on offer, which Froch once possessed until his close loss to Mikkel Kessler in April of this year.

The belt had been vacated by the Danish fighter due to needed eye surgery and a break afterward to recover, making this bout even that much more desirable to win for the “Cobra”. Froch, known for his pre-fight hype talk, lived up to every claim he made prior to the showdown with Abraham.

It was clear from the outset that Froch wanted little to do with taking a chance at a close decision loss, causing him to go to work immediately. Using his reach and moving around the ring, Froch had taken a page from Andre Dirrell’s handbook by not engaging toe to toe with Abraham and using pure boxing.

While Froch is primarily known for his brawling style, he is adapt at being a pure boxer if need be, something he has stated many times in the past but we the public have seen little of. Viewers were treated to the side of Carl that up until now had been just talk. More...

Exclusive Boxing Interview: Jeff “Left Hook” Lacy

By Daxx Kahn November 17th, 2010 All Boxing Interviews

 Jeff lacy1 Exclusive Boxing Interview: Jeff “Left Hook” Lacy
© Tom Casino

Healed up and ready to rejoin the elite!

Jeff Lacy (25-3) was once one of boxing's most revered and feared young fighters. After an extensive amateur career of 210 bouts, several national amateur titles and a spot on the 2000 Olympic boxing team, Lacy decided to turn professional in 2001 when he did not medal at the 2000 Sydney Olympic games.

After turning professional on February 2, 2001, at almost the same weight he fought at during the end of his amateur tenure, Lacy became one of the most exciting young Super Middleweights we had seen in years.

His first eight bouts ended in less than a combined 11 rounds. Three bouts later, he earned his first minor title when he defeated Ross Thompson by UD. His next contest was against the much more experienced James Crawford, who had 42 fights on his resume compared to Jeff’s 12.

Crawford was also entering the fight on a four bout win streak. That disparity didn't matter as Jeff ended the affair in less than two rounds, successfully defending his WBC Continental Americas Super Middleweight title won from Thompson and picking up the vacant USBA belt as a bonus for his efforts. More...

Andre Dirrell: Victim Of A Boxing Mis-hap Or Its Rumor Mill?

By Daxx Kahn November 10th, 2010 All Boxing Articles

Andre “The Matrix” Dirrell has been a highly touted prospect since his amateur days. With 231 wins, an Olympic Bronze medal in 2004, a competitor at the 2003 Pan-Am games, and two US National amateur titles, one in 2003 at middleweight the other in 2001 at featherweight it is no wonder he had promoters wanting to offer their services before even announcing his intentions on turning professional.

When Dirrell did turn pro in January of 2005, everything went according to plan and then some. His first eleven bouts were nothing short of boxing clinics. As each bout progressed it was evident that Dirrell was able to transition his amateur style into one that would benefit him greatly in the pro rankings, something that many amateurs with lengthy careers have a problem with as they can not avoid the point system ingrained into them.

Instead, he turned his hit and not be hit style into one that often had opponents looking foolish, stopping seven of his first eleven inside three rounds or less. In 2007, the transition period was over for Dirrell as he and his team began to seek out the other top super middleweight prospects, ready to make the jump from up and comer to legit contender.

Curtis “Showtime” Stevens was first up. The hard hitter from Brooklyn had won 17 of his 18 bouts and was on a four fight win streak when they met, Dirrell easily outpointed him to a unanimous decision victory. After a few keep busy bouts, Dirrell faced highly thought of Anthony Hanshaw in 2008, Hanshaw had lost only once in his 22 bout career, a decision to Roy Jones Jr at light heavyweight. Hanshaw managed to go five rounds after being dropped once in the fourth before the affair ended.

Three months later undefeated Mike Paschall’s record was adjusted to 17-1 after four close rounds. To end 2008, Dirrell picked up his first minor title when he beat up the hard punching Australian based Victor Oganov at just 28 seconds of round six.

When 2009 began, Dirrell has established himself as a top 168lb fighter and his interim WBO NABO title earned in the defeat of Oganov had him on the trail to a world title shot via express lane, but an even bigger opportunity would come Dirrell’s way sooner then expected. More...

Boxing Perspective: Are We Seeing The Second Coming Of Mike Tyson?

By Daxx Kahn October 13th, 2010 All Boxing Articles

Mike Tyson is a larger than life figure known throughout the world as “The Baddest Man on the Planet”; whether or not it is from his in the ring accomplishments or out of the ring exploits, one would be hard pressed to find someone who has not heard of “Mighty” Mike.

A modern day punching phenomenon who claimed the heavyweight title in 1985 at just 20 years of age, Tyson endeared himself to boxing enthusiasts not only for the trail of carnage he left behind but memorable pre and post fight comments.

Everything Tyson did was watched with deep interest, those who loved him cheered his every action be it positive or negative, and those who hated him did so with a grain of salt because no matter what Mike did, it was worth talking about.

When Tyson retired in 2005, people wondered what would become of him? With his legal issues, money owed to the IRS and a short temper, many predicted a quick downfall.

Others thought he would make a return to the ring out of financial need with the probability that he would suffer more of the same fate he had in his final two bouts when he lost to Danny Williams and Kevin McBride, both grade B fighters at best, by stoppage.

Then of course there were those who, just like when his career was active, waited with baited breath to see what exactly would be the next chapter in Tyson’s already storied life.

After a shortly lived world tour of exhibition bouts against Cory “T-Rex” Sanders that was created as a source of income to help the ex-champion get out of debt with the government and an arrest in 2006 for DUI along with drug possession, it seemed that maybe those who expected a quick downfall were correct, but after seeking treatment for addiction a change in Tyson came about. More...

Exclusive Boxing Interview: David Tua

By Daxx Kahn June 21st, 2010 All Boxing Interviews

It is hard to find much about David Tua the fighter that is not fan friendly. He has a legendary knockout punch as his stoppages of heavyweight title holders Hashim Rahman, John Ruiz, Oleg Maskaev and Michael Moorer still to this day cap many highlight reels.

His personality outside the ring is very likable as it is that of the common everyday guy who puts his family and friends first while making sure he keeps in touch with his fans, letting them know he is grateful for their support.

He has accomplished great things in his career, such as taking part in the heavyweight bout where the most combined punches on record were thrown when he faced Ike Ibeabuchi in 1997.

Tua is second thus far only to Mike Tyson for producing the most first round knockdowns and his place on Ring Magazine's top 100 hardest hitters of all time is something to be proud o.

But there is one thing that has eluded David Tua and that is a world title.

While he challenged Lennox Lewis in 2000 for the heavyweight title, Tua came up short and that is something the 37 year old wants a second chance at in the worst of ways.

After a two year hiatus due to managerial contract disputes, where Tua found his finances were not exactly being used in the way presented to him, and legal restraints which prevented him from signing to face opponents in the ring, Tua is under no illusions.

He knows this is his last chance at success and he will only get another opportunity at a world title shot if he can be 100% successful in this campaign. More...

Boxing 2010 Hall Of Fame Weekend

By Daxx Kahn June 16th, 2010 All Boxing Articles

**With Slideshow**
 Fans1 Boxing 2010 Hall Of Fame Weekend
© Heidi Sherwood

The 2010 Hall of Fame weekend in Canastota, NY has ended and as with previous ceremonies, excitement filled the air for both fighters, fans, honored guest and inductees.

While the weather for the event was less than desirable, not only hot but excessively humid, fans came in abundance to watch the sport pay tribute on its most anticipated non-fight card weekend.

Over the four day event, names associated with the sport in one form or another consisted of George Chuvalo, Carmen Basilio, Billy Backus, Al Bernstein, Angelo Dundee, Livingstone Bramble, Marlon Starling, Bert Sugar, George Campbell, Bruce Trampler, Buddy McGirt, Willie Monroe Jr, Ray Mercer, Ron Lyle, Ernie Shavers, Micky Ward, Ken Norton, Aaron Pryor, Tony De Marco, Nino Benvenuti, Sergio Martinez, Lucian Bute, Robert Guerrero, Riddick Bowe, Leon Spinks, Steve Cunningham and more.

On Thursday, June 10Th the gala started off with lectures from past inductees and current associates of the sport followed by book signings and the opening ceremony. Friday consisted of more ringside lectures, celebrity fist casting, open workouts by some of today biggest stars and hottest prospects.

The day's activities ended with Madison Square Garden night where the "Mecca" of boxing's greatest moments were relived by those who participated and witnessed the iconic buildings greatest moments. More...

International Boxing Hall Of Fame Weekend Preview

By Daxx Kahn June 9th, 2010 All Boxing Articles

After all the fights I have attended, all the fighters, promoters, managers and trainers I have had the pleasure of either interviewing or being friends with to this day nothing excites me more the the International Boxing Hall of Fame induction weekends.

It is the only time all of our sports greats of the past, present and some possibly in the future get together in one place to do nothing else but reflect on boxing's past most memorable moments, a time when we can let the former warriors of the ring and those who helped make it all happen know exactly how much we appreciate what they have done for our sport.

It is a time we can say thank you for all the blood sweat and tears shed as we cheered or jeered them. It is a time when everyone can get together with no hard feelings, no egos involved and celebrate the greatest sport in history.

While the first boxing Hall of Fame was sponsored by Ring Magazine and located in the offices of Madison Square Garden, in 1990 Ed Brophy decided to form a Hall of Fame in upstate Canastota, New York to honor local champions of the past Carmen Basilio and Billy Backus.

Within a few years the hall became one of boxing's most admired historical focal points as it added more and more greats of boxing's past not only in the ring but those who participated in other avenues as well such as referees, promoters, trainers and even the occasional media member.

The thought of being inducted into the hall truly lets those of today and tomorrow what type of immortality your name can garner for all the efforts in the ring. More...

Exclusive Boxing Interview: Robert “The Ghost” Guerrero

By Daxx Kahn May 23rd, 2010 All Boxing Interviews

 RobertGuerreroStudio09 Hogan 111 Exclusive Boxing Interview: Robert The Ghost Guerrero"I'll fight who ever is in front of me!"

Former featherweight and super featherweight title holder Robert "The Ghost" Guerrero has never been one to do much talking outside of the ring.

Inside of the ring he is all business and little else, to this date that attitude has served him well as he has recently made the move to lightweight with success thus far.

When Guerrero is asked about his opinions of the fight game, the answer is not one you would expect from a multi-division world titlist.

Guerrero does not call out names, he does not sing his own praises, the only thing he will say is that if you're willing to sign on the line he will fight you. His attitude is that of the old-time fighters who believed that boxing is a sport and while a payday is important, so is handling your business without taking shortcuts to accomplish it.

When he is not in the gym training Guerrero takes part in another fight, one that has no contracts to sign, no paydays and no bell to signal the start or end of the bout. Guerrero helps the Leukemia and Lymphoma Foundation fight for a cure. A cause near and dear to his heart as his wife Casey battled Leukemia with success as they were recently informed by doctors that she is Leukemia free.

Guerrero takes part in this fight as a way of giving back, showing that being a champion does not always stop when you step out from between the ropes.

Recently, I was able to talk with Robert Guerrero about his move to the lightweight division, what he hopes for in the future and a bit about his cause away from boxing. Read it here exclusively on SaddoBoxing. More...

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