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Boxing News: Miranda meets Abraham and the sparks fly

The calendar may read September, but it was as hot as July in Germany yesterday, when World Middleweight title challenger Edison Miranda and Champion Arthur Abraham met for the first time at a public workout, just days before they will meet for the IBF World Middleweight Championship on Saturday at the Rittal Arena in Wetzlar, Germany.

Tensions have been running high between the two 160-pound standouts in recent weeks, especially after Abraham pulled out from the bout’s original date on August 26th, claiming illness, and matters didn’t calm down any once the two got sight of each other yesterday.

“Where’s my belt?” Asked Miranda. “You’re only going to have it for three more days, so you should take a lot of pictures with it for memory’s sake to show your children.”

The unbeaten knockout artist from Colombia then proceeded to give Abraham the throat slash gesture while the two stood face to face. Abraham giggling like a ten year old child, obviously displaying his lack of confidence, responded with two middle fingers. While Miranda glared back with stone-faced stare.

But while there is an obvious dislike between challenger and champion, Miranda made it clear today that his animosity doesn’t extend to the German people, who have treated him royally since he arrived in the country.

“The people of Germany have been great to me,” he said. “They have an extensive knowledge of boxing and I appreciate that. They are going to be extremely blessed to see a memorable Middleweight world title fight on Saturday. The only person that won’t be so blessed is Abraham, but he is not a real German anyway. He is from Armenia.”

The only thing left to do is ring the bell.

At this time, the specifics for a live broadcast of this event are still in the works. Stay tuned to www.warriorsboxing.com and www.pantera.com for the latest developments.

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