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Patrick Majewski decisions Latif Mundy in Middleweight Bloodfest

By Robert Brizel September 30th, 2012 All Ringside Boxing

Majewski Wins1 Patrick Majewski decisions Latif Mundy in Middleweight Bloodfest

In one of the bloodiest and exciting ring wars ever fought in the Atlantic City hotel casinos, Polish middleweight Patrick Majewski, fighting nearly blind at times with blood from both eyes fought on with heart and instinct to win a ten round majority decision over Latif Mundy in a rematch war. The bout took place at Resorts Hotel and Casino Superstar Theater in Atlantic City, New Jersey, on Saturday evening, September 29, 2012, promoted by Peltz Promotions and Global Boxing.

The two fighters have now gone at it in center ring bloody toe-to-toe for 18 consecutive rounds, with the crowds on their feet. In the rematch, Majewski's NABF Middleweight title was not at stake. Owing to the bloody outcome, Majewski's next bout, scheduled for Poland, will be delayed.

The flow of blood can often confuse judges and make a bout difficult to score. How one judge can score Majewski-Mundy II 95-95 and another 100-90 speaks of a fight bordering on the insane, and the bout emerged as just that due to a head butt which occurred somewhere in the early rounds. The spectacular matchup became a psychological test of will, strength, and courage for Majewski, who knew Mundy had come to win, and was going to test his chin and heart to the final bell.

Majewski won the first round, coming forward and working the left jab often, with Mundy looking to counter with body shots, with limited effectiveness. Both fighters carefully looked for punch scoring opportunities but appeared careful not to punch themselves out. The second round went to center ring, where Mundy came forward and mixed his punches well, forcing Majewski to land jab combinations while moving side to side. Some of the punches went low from both fighters as the bout turned dirty. Referee Benji Esteves Jr. warned both fighters throughout the contest. More...

Irish Joe Smith Jr. Scores Brutal Kayo at Resorts World Casino

By Robert Brizel September 26th, 2012 All Ringside Boxing

Joe Smith Jr1 Irish Joe Smith Jr. Scores Brutal Kayo at Resorts World Casino

In the co-main event at Resorts World Casino of Aqueduct Raceway in Jamaica Queens, New York, promoted by New Legend Boxing, Old World Boxing and WON Promotions, light heavyweight Joe ‘The Irish Bomber’ Smith Jr. scored a brutal third round knockout over Yasin Abdur-Rashid in a bout which featured five vicious knockdowns scored by Smith. The bout was doomed to end early as Rashid could not land inside.

The first casino boxing card in New York City history also raised money for the Manhattan Branch of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, with volunteers selling raffles, cookies and candy, accepting donations and taking marathon pledges from boxing fans and casino patrons for charity.

According to promoter Felipe Gomez, “We hope we can continue to raise more money for charitable causes as we do more shows at Resorts World Casino, and hopefully the Genting Group will continue to work with us. Our next show featuring Vinny Maddalone will be held here on December 8, 2012. When our December 8 card ends, we will move from the third to the second floor so everyone can watch Manny Pacquiao’s next fight, which will be on the big screens in the casino sports bar.”

Smith, now 11-1 (11), Long Island, New York, began banging immediately with Rashid, now 7-3, (2), Brooklyn, New York. Smith had a substantial height and reach advantage. Rashid’s only hope was to take the fight to the inside in center ring. Rashid got there but was unable to capitalize on his attack opportunities. More...

Hammerin’ Hank Lundy Interview: I Beat Beltran and I Want A Rematch Now!

By Robert Brizel August 4th, 2012 All Boxing Interviews

LundyOne1 Hammerin Hank Lundy Interview: I Beat Beltran and I Want A Rematch Now!

In an exclusive telephone interview with Saddoboxing after his controversial ten round majority decision loss to Raymundo 'Sugar' Beltran, which cost him his number one WBC ranking and his NABF title belt, Henry Lundy, better known as Hammerin' Hank insisted he won the bout-and wanted an immediate rematch with Beltran. Lundy spoke eloquently as he outlined the circumstances surrounding the bout, including his issues with the weigh-in and judging, but he did not make any excuses for his performance. Many experts still consider Lundy the best lightweight fighter in the world. The loss seemingly cost him a mandatory title bout with current WBC champion Antonio DeMarco. Lundy's promoter, CES Boxing President and CEO Jimmy Burchfield, currently the most active promoter in the world, had been after DeMarco's camp to put the mandatory bout together with Lundy for over a year without success.

The ESPN2 televised ten round main event resulted in scores of 95-95 a draw, and 96-94, 96-94 for Beltran, a Mexican Freddie Roach fighter out of the Wildcard Gym in Hollywood. If Lundy had won one more round the bout would have been a draw. Lundy, in a critical view of his own performance against Beltran, analyzed the circumstances before, during, and after the bout with Beltran in great detail during the interview.

Saddo: "Hello Hammerin' Hank Lundy! Do you want a rematch with Raymundo Beltran right away or at some point in the future? Does it matter if the rematch is held again in Atlantic City, or in Los Angeles or Las Vegas?"

Lundy: Hello. How are you? Yes. I want do a rematch with Raymundo Beltran right away. I will fight him anywhere! It does not matter where." More...

Dan Biddle and Tommy Barnes Call Out USBA Champ Garrett Wilson

By Robert Brizel August 4th, 2012 All Boxing Interviews

Dan Biddle Wins1 Dan Biddle and Tommy Barnes Call Out USBA Champ Garrett Wilson

Cruiserweight prospect Dan 'Bada Bing' Biddle and his manager Tommy Barnes have called out USBA Cruiserweight champion Garrett Wilson for a future matchup. Biddle looked impressive recently in winning a majority decision over Philadelphia veteran Pedro Martinez at Bally's Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey, on July 7, 2012. Biddle, whose record now stands at 9-2 (5), Wilmington, Delaware, had to fight Martinez at heavyweight instead of cruiserweight when Martinez weighed in at 210 pounds.

"Garrett Wilson is a short puncher who stands in front of you, throws wide punches and misses. I can beat him if Peltz Boxing gives me the opportunity. Wilson is slow, and after awhile he gets tired. I knew Pedro Martinez would get tired. I was waiting for my second wind. I could tell by the way Pedro was throwing; his one punch arm punches were coming in behind me. My right uppercut was getting him good."

Dan Biddle's trainer, Tommy Barnes, predicted his fighter Biddle will beat USBA cruiserweight champion Garrett Wilson if given the chance. Barnes hopes promoter Russell Peltz will give Biddle a USBA cruiserweight title shot in the near future. According to Barnes, "We could use one or two more tune up fights before taking on Garrett Wilson, but we definitely will talk and want the fight. To beat Garrett Wilson, Dan needs sparring partners who are short guys that fight like Wilson, stand in front of Dan and throw punches wide. Given the chance to fight Wilson, Dan will create angles and outbox him. Dan Biddle will beat Garrett Wilson!"

Patrick Majewski, Heart of Poland, Wins NABF Middleweight Title

By Robert Brizel July 11th, 2012 All Ringside Boxing

MajewskiNABF1 Patrick Majewski, Heart of Poland, Wins NABF Middleweight Title

Fighting from the heart, in the best physical condition of his career, the pride of Poland, Patrick Majewski, won the vacant NABF Middleweight title in his second try with a fifth round stoppage of Chris 'The Irish Ghost' Fitzpatrick. While the two fighters appeared evenly matched in physique, height, reach and even weight (both fighters weighed in at 160), it was Majewski who came forward and cut off the ring, backing up Fitzpatrick and using left-right combinations to the head and body to win every exchange and every round.

Fitzpatrick tried his best to counter Majewski, and was game to win. In the end, Fitzpatrick wanted to continue, but the bout ended due to a strange cut controversy. The NABF title bout was the main event of an eight bout card promoted by Peltz Boxing and Global Boxing at Bally's Hotel and Casino on Saturday, July 7, 2012, in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

Majewski, now 19-1 (12), Atlantic City, New Jersey by way of Radom, Poland, entered the ring with a knockout win over Antwun Echols in Mississippi in April 2012. Fitzpatrick, now 15-2 (6), Cleveland, Ohio, entered the ring with a stoppage win over Ken Durham in South Carolina this past February 2012. More...

Newark Card Highlights The Danger of Padded Records

By Robert Brizel June 13th, 2012 All Boxing Results

Newark card still on, fights to take place on Thursday night, June 13, 2012, at the Robert Treat Best Western in Newark, New Jersey. With four fights left on a disintegrating card, expectations of what was left hit an all-time low on Northeastern area prospects cards. Simply put, it was a boxing card which probably should not have taken place in the first place. The card was promoted by Greg Cohen Promotions and Gabe LaConte's First Round Promotions.

The card valiantly raised funds for a child, Derek DiGregorio, and Derek's Dreams, to raise money to combat Ataxia Telangiectasia disease. Ataxia Telagiectasia is a brutal, progressive, rare genetic disease that affects about 600 Americans. The disease attacks children causing loss of muscle control, cancer, and immune system problems. The Derek's Dreams website is located at

In the co-main event, unheralded Tennessee heavyweight Rodrika Ray knocked out local hero John Lennox at 1:53 of the fifth round in a brutal mismatch. An analysis of the 'opponent' Rodricka Ray's record reveals of his ten professional bouts, eight of the people he fought were unbeaten, and the other two had winning records. Ray, now 4-5-1 (2), Jackson, Tennessee, knew something the Newark crowd did not. Of the 11 professional opponents of Lennox, only three had winning records. The only decent opponent on Lennox' record, Boxing 360's Joey Dawejko, ripped Lennox up in the first round in the very same ring in September 2011. Lennox, now 10-2, Carteret, New Jersey, has not been in a real fight with anybody of note besides Dawejko, and was not competitive in that bout.

Ray had last fought dangerous southpaw prospect Maurice 'Freight Train' Byarm in July 2011 in Fitzgerald's Hotel and Casino in Tunica, Mississippi, showing heart in losing a decision to a world ranked ten round fighter. Ray's performance in his previous bout with Byarm should have raised red flags for the Lennox camp, which did not their homework.

Ray landed right hands at will, turning the face of Lennox cherry red, swollen, and with a cut under the left eye. Ray knocked Lennox out, most certainly ending the career of another pretender with a padded record. Lennox, unable to defend himself, got knocked out for the second time, proving winning records mean nothing if you cannot fight. More...

Big Scare at Cordon Bleu as Bloody Red Galarza Stops The Pitbull

By Robert Brizel June 11th, 2012 All Ringside Boxing

Galarza Wins Big Scare at Cordon Bleu as Bloody Red Galarza Stops The Pitbull

Unbeaten Brooklyn middleweight prospect Frank Galarza went through a bloody round of dangerous hell with opponent Yolexcy 'The Pit bull' Leiva-Martinez in the preliminary bout to the main event at Cordon Bleu Catering Hall on Friday, June 8, 2012. Both fighters swung away in an offensive go-for-broke barrage reminiscent of George Foreman versus Ron Lyle in accelerated motion. It was quickly evident from the opening bell only one fighter would be left standing. The only question was when the wild action slugfest would end. The answer did not take long to arrive.

Galarza, now 7-0 (4), Brooklyn, New York, wound up in big and immediate trouble, causing a big scare as 'Pit bull' Leiva-Martinez, 5-3 with 4 kayos, Nashville, Tennessee, landed an overhand left to the forehead of Galarza causing a horrific long bloody horizontal cut over Galarza's left eye. Red blood was flowing profusely, and just would not stop, raising the possibly Leiva-Martinez might score a lucky stoppage over the highly touted Galarza owing to the injury and rapid flow of blood.

Making good on his nickname, 'Pit bull' Leiva-Martinez came forward as Galarza came forward, fighting like a wild, crazy and insane pitbull. Leiva-Martinez continued headhunting Galarza, but it was not to be. Galarza landed a series of rapid fire overhand lefts to the head of Leiva-Martinez, and 'The Pit bull' went flying across the ring, bouncing off the ropes, prompting a count from referee Samuel Viruet, scored as a knockdown. More...

Valdez Wins New York State Lightweight Title in Major Upset

By Robert Brizel June 11th, 2012 All Ringside Boxing

Valdez Wins1 Valdez Wins New York State Lightweight Title in Major Upset

In perhaps the biggest New York State title bout upset in recent years, a hungry and determined Edward Valdez overturned the apple cart and won the New York State Lightweight title by earning a unanimous eight round decision over defending champion Jonathan Cuba. The bout took place at Cordon Bleu Catering Hall in Woodhaven Queens, New York, on Friday, June 8, 2012. The Friday Night at The Fights card was co-promoted by Old World, New Legend and W.O.N. Promotions.

Former world champions Junior Jones, Luis Collazo, Amanda Serrano and Cindy Serrano, and popular local heavyweights Derric Rossy and Vincent Maddalone, were among boxers in attendance at the event. Collazo and Maddalone were among those who participated in charity raffles for The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society's Team in Training, which raised funds to help find better treatments and cures for leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin's disease and myeloma. Winners got their pictures taken with the boxers, which will be autographed and sent to them later.

Both fighters were of smaller height and proportions (giving the appearance of being in a much lower weight class than middleweight) and were thus evenly matched. However, the normally aggressive come forward champion Cuba did not fight like he did in both of his 2011 title bouts with Ariel Duran. More...

Assassin Hasson Taken Eight Round Distance By The Rooster!

By Robert Brizel June 6th, 2012 All Ringside Boxing

HassonArmenta1 Assassin Hasson Taken Eight Round Distance By The Rooster!

In the co-main event of a six bout card at The Tropicana Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey, promoted by Diane Lee Fischer's Dee Lee Promotions,

light heavyweight prospect Dennis 'The Assassin' Hasson most surprisingly got taken the eight round distance by a very game George 'The Rooster' Armenta.

Armenta, 14-9, (11), Silver Spring, Maryland, a fighter once believed to have great potential but whose results have been mixed, showed up in the best trained physical condition of his 23 bout professional career and tried to win it! While Armenta lacked the speed and power of Hasson, now 14-0, (5), Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, he did press the action forward in the first and outworked Hasson to win the round. More...

Congressman Michael Grimm Cheers Sadam Ali To Victory at Aviator Arena

By Robert Brizel June 6th, 2012 All Ringside Boxing

Sadam11 Congressman Michael Grimm Cheers Sadam Ali To Victory at Aviator Arena

Congressman Michael Grimm not only represents the 13th District of Brooklyn and Staten Island in Washington, D.C. Congressman Grimm but is also a big fight fan. His presence electrified a capacity crowd at Aviator Sports Arena at Floyd Bennett Field in Brooklyn on Saturday night, June 3, 2012, as the congressman took the microphone to greet his constituency, and show support for former U.S. Olympian Sadam Ali's first ever World Kid Promotions.

In the main event, Sadam Ali, both promoter and unbeaten welterweight prospect, won the vacant WBU Americas Welterweight title, stopping veteran Franklin Gonzalez at 2:22 of the eighth round of a schedule eight. Sadam took his time with Gonzalez, moving forward with left and right jabs, content to win rounds on points while patiently narrowing the gap between him and Gonzalez. To his credit, Gonzalez looked to be in top condition, and came to win, but because Ali remained out of his punching range, most of Gonzalez' punches missed. Gonzalez slipped punches well, and his legs were good as he was moving left to right on his bicycle.

By the end of the fifth round, the left eye of Gonzalez was puffy and swollen, though his vision was not affected. Gonzalez was getting hit by Ali's jabs often. Gonzalez stayed competitive by landing occasional counter body shots on Ali. The major problem Gonzalez had was all of his punches were beginning to miss badly and awkwardly. As Gonzalez swung wildly and missed, he staggered around the ring. By the sixth round, Ali had begun to cut of the ring and apply pressure, leaving Gonzalez in trouble. As the crowd chanted "Ali! Ali! Ali!" it was apparent Gonzalez had no chants-and no chance-at all. Some of Ali's jab flurries sent Gonzalez bouncing off the ring ropes off-balance, and Gonzalez had trouble regaining his equilibrium while on the move. More...

Freight Train Filippone Gets Robbed in Majority Draw With Leatherwood

By Robert Brizel June 2nd, 2012 All Ringside Boxing

LeatherwoodFIlipponeDraw1 Freight Train Filippone Gets Robbed in Majority Draw With Leatherwood

Norfolk, Virginia's Super Middleweight Frank 'The Freight Train' Fillippone won at least four of the six rounds scored in the ring in the co-main event promoted by Dee Lee Promotions at The Tropicana in Atlantic City, New Jersey, on June 1, 2012, but somehow had to settle for a six round majority draw against Birmingham, Alabama's Keandre Leatherwood, a Boxing 360 fighter.

The New Jersey Athletic Commission continues to be under scrutiny regarding boxing scoring after last year's Paul Williams versus Erislandy Lara controversy in which Williams got a unanimous decision in a bout Lara clearly won July 9, 2011, at Boardwalk Hall. Those three judges, Judges Hilton Whitaker (for Williams), Don Givens (for Williams), and Al Bennett (a draw), remain suspended since July 2011.

On this evening, Filippone, who put on a defensive gem, got a correct verdict of 59-55 on one judge's scorecard. Filippone appeared to win rounds one, three, four and six, with carefully placed straight head jabs while not getting hit at all. Round five appeared a bit closer, but was still won by Filippone. More...

Polish Thunder Heavyweight Joey Dawejko Scores Brutal TKO at The Trop

By Robert Brizel June 2nd, 2012 All Ringside Boxing

Dawejko Wins1 Polish Thunder Heavyweight Joey Dawejko Scores Brutal TKO at The Trop

Rising Boxing 360 heavyweight prospect Joey 'Polish Thunder' Dawejko scored a brutal fourth round knockout in the preliminary bout to the main event of a fight card held at Tropicana Hotel and Casino on Friday, June 1, 2012.

Dawejko, now 7-0-1, (3), used single placed power shots to the head and body

of opponent Edwin Ranquillo, now 2-1, (1), West New York, New Jersey. Ranquillo remained game, and took shots while countering to the head. More...

Tall Fighter Roberto Yong Exposes Philly Prospect Fred Jenkins Jr.

By Robert Brizel May 22nd, 2012 All Ringside Boxing

Yong 11 Tall Fighter Roberto Yong Exposes Philly Prospect Fred Jenkins Jr.

Phoenix, Arizona tall fighter Roberto Yong, now 5-4-1 (4), had a field day on the undercard of a Peltz Boxing Promotions seven bout card at Bally's Hotel and Casino, on Saturday, May 19, 2012. His opponent, undefeated 5-0 Philadelphia super middleweight prospect Fred Jenkins Jr., had never faced an opponent with a winning record since turning pro in 2011. Yong, on the other hand, had faced nine unbeaten fighters in his first ten bouts, including two debuts.

Yong, who showed up in top condition for this bout, turns out to have a deceiving record. Jenkins, who looks like a slightly smaller version of the late heavyweight champion Greg Page, unfortunately cannot move on his feet like Greg Page did.

Immediately from the opening bell, Yong succeeding in using his superior height and reach advantage to land accurate and vicious power shots to the head of Jenkins, while maneuvering away from Jenkins after landing and keeping out of punch range. Try as he did, Jenkins could not reach Yong. Yong frequently cut off the ring in corners, forcing Jenkins to take more hard shots than he should. More...

Davis and Medina Fight a Championship Caliber War in Atlantic City!

By Robert Brizel May 22nd, 2012 All Ringside Boxing

JamaalDavis1 Davis and Medina Fight a Championship Caliber War in Atlantic City!

If boxing matchups were all as good as the confrontation between junior middleweights Jamaal Davis of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and Eberto Medina of Newark, New Jersey, the popularity of the sport of boxing would be back the way it was in the good old days in the heyday of Madison Square Garden bouts.

Davis, now 13-8-1 (6), is a favorite at Bally's in Atlantic City and the Blue Horizon in Philadelphia, having fought in these venues frequently of late. In his third consecutive appearance at Bally's, Davis fought a rematch with Medina, who drew with him in their first meeting in July 2011, with all three judges seeing the bout differently. The rematch would become a close squeaker on the scorecards.

Medina, now 6-8-1 (1), trained himself into world championship quality condition to try to win this rematch, as did Davis. The bout surprisingly took off at a championship pace for five rounds, with Davis forced to keep up with the fast tempo set by Medina, who made Davis fight up to his level and gave him no room to breathe. Both fighters were cautiously exchanging and countering in round one, while moving and not leaving themselves too exposed. In the second round, Medina came forward with a furious pace, staggering Davis with an overhand right before getting pushed to the canvas. Davis tried to counter Medina's come forward offensive attack by throwing fast jabs and moving side to side. More...

Mussachio Beats On Tomato Can Billy Bailey at Bally’s

By Robert Brizel May 21st, 2012 All Ringside Boxing

Mussachiofight1 Mussachio Beats On Tomato Can Billy Bailey at Ballys

The good news is Chuck 'The Professor' Mussachio is back, and looks better than ever at 175 pounds after his recent attempt to win the USBA cruiserweight title at the higher weight was unsuccessful. His return to the light heavyweight division in the co-main event at Bally's Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey, Saturday, May 19, 2012 was a welcome crowd pleaser for the Wildwood native with local fans.

The bad news was Billy Bailey, his opponent, according to one trainer, had warmed up in his dressing room area in a most unique manner-sleeping under a table. Not that it mattered much. The 1902 song 'Bill Bailey, Won't You Please Come Home?' --later popularized by the late Bobby Darin-would have applied to Billy Bailey, a well-known tomato can who has lost 15 out his previous 18 bouts. After winning 7 of his first 8 bouts, Bailey, 33, now 14-15, was knocked out by middleweight contender Brandon Gonzalez in 2008. Things have not looked up for Bailey since, though he has gone the distance while taking frightful beatings in his last 14 losses.

In boxing, kickboxing or mixed martial arts, the term 'tomato can' or simply 'tomato' or 'can' is an idiom for a fighter with poor or diminished skills (at least when compared with the opponent they are placed in against), who may be considered an easy opponent to defeat, or a 'guaranteed win.' Fights with 'tomato cans' inflate the win totals of the professional fighters who fight them. In the least, some boxers like Billy Bailey have proven to an extent that some tomato can athletes are better than others-or are gritty survivors in their athletic endeavors. More...

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