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Amir Khan’s Jungle Updates

Amir Khan I'm a Celebrity


This episode saw Amir Khan and ‘Made in Chelsea’ star - Georgia ‘Toff’ Toffolo face the first bush-trucker trial of the series: ‘Critter-cal Rescue’. A nervous Khan asked his camp-mates ‘what is a critter?’ saying he was ok with flies but didn’t like spiders and snakes (uh-oh….this could be interesting!).

At the trial area the pair were welcomed by Ant and Dec. ‘Toff’ was locked in a coffin-like box while Amir hunted inside a giant ‘termite nest’ for keys to release her. The claxon sounded and thousands of bugs were dumped in the locked chamber and on ‘Toff’ who gained herself some brownie points in that – despite being terrified and hysterical the whole time – she was determined to stick it out for the good of the team. Amir, surprisingly, screamed with regularity at the maggots and array of insects as he crawled through tunnels within the hunting area, then had to put his hand through three holes to find keys. The crabs were decidedly nippy (!) but unbeknown to Amir there were snakes in the other hole. He reluctantly put his hand in for a feel around and pulled out what he thought was the string holding the key. It was in fact a jungle python (!) which he pulled out of the hole and – screaming – quickly left the area! ‘I’m a Celebrity – Get me out of Here!! he shouted and the pair were promptly released from their hell-hole.

‘Toff’ was not happy that Amir had given up and said he could tell the rest of the group (who were equally surprised that he had said the famous phrase to end the task early). ‘I told you I didn’t like snakes, before the show!’ he said to Ant and Dec, who – laughing – said that’s why there’d be snakes in there.

So there were no meals for camp save for the usual rice and beans which, even on their second day, camp-mates were sick of already!

Not surprisingly, Amir was also voted for the second bush-tucker trial (!) which we will see this evening. ‘Flushed Out’ could prove to be another tricky one for the Bolton Boxer…..


In today's episode of ‘I’m a Celebrity….’ Amir Khan said “I am a champion and I am gonna remain a champion”, as he made his way to the trial area a second time in two days. “They’re all hungry and I need to win”, he said to camera.

In this trial a tower/tank filled up with water, while the former champ used a spanner to release box panels containing the tool for the next box above, so he worked his way from bottom of tank to top trying to keep above the water while water creatures (crabs, crayfish, eels, yabbies and finally – crocodiles at the top) joined in.

Amir had gotten himself ‘in the zone’ for this task after a disappointing loss yesterday. This would be (as Ant and Dec called it) his rematch and he was looking for the knockout!

His focus paid off and he ignored the water creatures as he concentrated on undoing the panels. Everything was going great until he dropped the spanner to the last box which contained crocodiles.

The Rocky theme music played as Amir was down to the last 60 seconds of the trial and had to find the spanner that had dropped to the bottom of the tower. It was a nerve-racking minute but he retrieved the spanner and unlocked the top gate in the nick of time, or shall we say - right on the bell!

King Khan was victorious again! And the camp were thrilled that some of them would be eating proper food. He graciously gave his own prize of a meal-ticket to a protesting Stanley Johnson but was just happy to have ‘wiped the slate clean’ and lifted the camp’s mood. Another bonus – he wasn’t voted for the third trial! Just as well. It is the eating challenge and I’m not sure he would have coped well with that one, although it might have made a welcome break from rice and beans…..

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