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Exclusive Boxing Interview: Oscar De La Hoya

OscarDeLaHoya1 Exclusive Boxing Interview: Oscar De La Hoya
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SaddoBoxing had the honor of briefly speaking with Oscar De La Hoya, a man who needs no introduction, in the dressing room of Ricky Hatton after the Hatton vs. Lazcano fight in Manchester, England recently.

SaddoBoxing: What are your impressions on the Hatton vs. Lazcano bout that we just saw?

Oscar De La Hoya: “I was telling Ricky I thought that he did excellent. Excellent because he answered a lot of questions. [such as] Can he come back from a loss? Can he keep his composure in front of 56,000 people in his hometown?

“That’s a lot of pressure for a fighter that just came off a loss, but I telling Ricky he looked excellent, because considering all those factors, considering all those pressures he was able to keep his composure, he was able to outhustle a fighter who has a lot of experience, a granite chin and the heart of a lion. So, he did great.”

SB: Oscar, are we going to see ‘Golden Boy: England’ anytime soon?

ODLH: “Absolutely. We are very fortunate to be partners with Ricky Hatton and promoting his fights. Obviously, we would love to do more events here, not only in Manchester, but all over Europe, so it’s going to be a lot of fun.”

SB: Is it true that you are fighting Floyd Mayweather Jr., again in a rematch?

ODLH: “Well, there’s no done deal, no signed deal obviously and it’s not a done deal until you have a signed deal but we’re working on it. In my last fight [against Steve Forbes] people saw that I have the father [Floyd Mayweather Sr] back in my corner; he makes all the difference in the world.”

SB: How does he help you?

ODLH: “I fight a smart fight. An aggressive fight, but a smart fight. In my first fight with Floyd Jr., one of the mistakes I made was trying to knock his head off. I got away from my game plan and so there just little things that we have to adjust and I have no doubt that I can beat him.”

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