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Exclusive Boxing Interview: Danny Williams

 Exclusive Boxing Interview: Danny Williams
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Commonwealth Heavyweight Champion Danny Williams was kind of enough to spend a few minutes with SaddoBoxing yesterday at the official weigh-in for the Brixton man's eagerly awaited Sports Network showdown with the undefeated British Champion Matt Skelton. The Londoner was relaxed and eager to face the brawling Bedford man, a matchup that has the whole of Britain waiting in anticipation, and spoke very candidly about the

fight and some other issues that are near and dear to Danny's heart.

SaddoBoxing: Compared to previous fights, how are you feeling physically right now?

Danny Williams: "Physically, I feel fantastic and better than I was when I fought Audley Harrison."

SB: Yes, you're looking trimmer.

DW: "And that's partly to do with my trainer, Jim McDonnell, and also cutting out the 'Mr.Kipling Cakes' and 'McDonalds'.

SB: I think you should get a new nickname, Danny "Exceedingly Good" Williams to mirror you're fondness of those Mr. Kipling Cakes.

DW: (Laughing) "I like that a lot!"

SB: So you're still keeping off the chocolates; is that indefinitely or just for this fight?

DW: "No, just for this fight, as soon as this is over I'm going home and eating chocolate, yeah Sunday I’m going to be eating all day!"

SB: The fight against Audley Harrison...was that how you expected the fight to go and have you trained differently for this one?

DW: "Without a shadow of a doubt. With the Audley fight, I didn't train. With this fight, Skelton is a tough fighter so I trained hard for this one."

SB: Fight prediction?

DW: "I just believe that I am going to be victorious, I don't know whether it will be a knockout or points win but I will be victorious."

SB: What's the day of a fight like for you; do you have a set routine or do you just like to chill out?

DW: "I basically like to just relax. I switch off the phone and just meditate and keep thinking about the fight and what I’m going to do in the fight; that's all I like to do."

SB: Do you chill out to music?

DW: "No. I just sit in my room and I like to pray and just think about the fight."

SB: Do you watch a lot of boxing on TV and who do you like to watch particularly?

DW: "I like watching Ricky Hatton - I think he's a fantastic fighter. I also like watching Floyd Mayweather; he's Ricky Hatton's main upcoming opponent …they're both fantastic fighters. Failing that…I like to watch the "old" guys like Jersey Joe Walcott, Willie Pep…fighters from the 1950s, I think they're fantastic."

SB: Thanks Danny and good luck for tomorrow!

DW: "See ya Janie."

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