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Amir Khan is still in the jungle!

Amir Khan I'm a Celebrity

In Fridays episode (number 6) Amir had to face Vanessa White (of the girl-band ‘The Saturdays’) in a head-to-head battle for the prize of a meal for their team in another bush-tucker trial named ‘Fright House’. Amir had been voted to do the trial by the public – again(!)

Inside the building which looked like the white house (yes – in the middle of the Australian jungle!) Amir rummaged through a fish-gut /maggot infested room to find two fish eyes. In the second room, 25 pigeons flew around while he (and opponent Vanessa) looked for a button to press – which would get them through to the third room. Searching through cockroaches, crickets and mealworms – he located the button and released the door to find ‘Donald Hump’ (!) the camel. The champ searched the saddle-bags on the camel to find the two key-cards that he posted through the door to the next chamber. He jumped back with a scream as he saw spiders in the room. “I don’t like spiders” he says anxiously. But eventually goes in the chamber to locate keys, while Vanessa has now caught up. “Help me…Aarrghhhh….” he yells, but makes it out of the chamber before Vanessa and rings the bell to signal victory and food for his camp-mates.

Over the weekend, bezzie mate – Stanley Johnson (PM of the jungle’s 10 Downing Creek at the time) tasked Amir with a share of maintenance duties around the camp. But friction has been brewing between recently arrived former Scottish Labour Leader - Kezia Dugdale and Amir, because he takes charge of the camp fire but she thinks he doesn’t do a very good job of it so has become a bit bossy around him.

Wednesday dressed as a cat (yes – really!) Amir was directed around a ‘fake pawn shop’ to find gold coins. Unable to see through the cat head – he was instructed by radio host and comedian, Iain Lee, where to find the coins while screaming and knocking things over as he moved around. To be fair – it was pretty funny J But what happened next was surprising. Having got the dingo-challenge question correct the dynamic duo chose strawberries and cream as their prize, but, egged on by Amir – the pair sat and ate the sweet treat themselves rather than sharing with the rest of the camp. They then chose not to tell their campmates – or rather – Amir didn’t want to tell them. Eventually they did confess and it resulted in a bad vibe with the camp.

The episode ended where Amir had again been voted to do the next trial and will be visiting the ‘Outback Refreshment Shack’ with ‘Toff’ where they will drink stomach-churning cocktails likely to consist of the usual blended insects and animal parts. Yummy!


It’s been a week since my last jungle update…and what a week it’s been!

Bolton Champ – Amir Khan drank disgusting cocktails of vomit fruit, goats liver, blended mud fish, blended cows heart and blended sheep’s brain at ‘Kiosk Keith’s Outback Refreshment Shack’ to win more meals for camp alongside ‘Toff’. Amir swiftly knocked each cocktail back with virtually no hesitation and then offered supporting words to Toff as she worked her way through four cocktails of equally disgusting content.

Since then, he has also carried out chef duties (despite him admitting that he didn’t cook), while helping recently voted off camp-mate Rebekah Vardy to cook crocodile feet (which apparently were yummy).

In Tuesday night’s episode, all remaining camp-mates had to endure ‘Rank Taxi’ – another trial – if they wanted to win a night at the 'Jungle Arms' (pub). Amir was in the second group of four who sat in a stationary black cab (with skeleton driver!) and listened for fares to be announced which they would have to remember in order to win the task. Of course, it was a trial so there would be other ‘passengers’ in the taxi (!) Amir, along with Stanley Johnson, Iain Lee and Jennie McAlpine, were ‘joined’ by spiders, green ants and cockroaches as they endured the 15 minute ‘journey to nowhere’. Amir screamed throughout the trial because he wasn’t keen on the rather large spiders. Surprisingly, despite him being a huge distraction (not the critters!) Jennie and Iain calculated the fares correctly and all the camp-mates spent time in the jungle pub.

Now the public are voting for their favourite camp-mates and four have been voted off already: Shappi Khorsandi, Kezia Dugdale, Rebekah Vardy and Vanessa White. Amir ‘King’ Khan will be hoping he can stay to the end and be crowned the 'King of the Jungle' at Sunday's final.

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